Mrs Muscle….Food!

Hello! Excited (yes, it’s sad but true!) is not the word to describe my returning home from work tonight to find my very first Muscle Food delivery had turned up – full (I hope!) of a whole host of Slimming World friendly delights to tempt my carnivorous taste buds. Of course, I had to give a great big hug to my little beaut first, who then promptly ditched mummy for the Muscle Food box, which is of course far more exciting than me!

Photo 02-05-2017, 18 42 48

A cardboard box is far more exciting than mummy!

Cue mummy’s excitement for syn free sausages and Slimming World chips (done in my brand new, never even used before ‘cos I’m a little bit scared of it Actifry – I feel like I’m about twenty steps behind everyone else at the moment when it comes to everything – blogging, Actifrying, Primar-ni fake nail applying – just discovered these – see behind the times!)

Anyhow, I’ll endeavour to post about Actifrying once I’ve got used to the blooming thing. For now, my Muscle Food package has been a delight for the eyes and the taste buds (sausages a definite hit with Mr MumTum) – using a MoneySavingExpert blagged code, this meat all cost less than £50 (50 quid I hear you gasp – it does seem like A LOT, I know! But it’s worth about £68 in supermarkets and looks pretty good quality plus I’ve managed to portion off 5 freezer bags of 4 chicken breasts plus 2 leftover for the hubby and I to eat for lunch tomorrow!)

What’s more, the lovely peeps at Muscle Food have given me an offer code for you, my lovelies to claim FREE: 4 x 125g Chicken Breast Fillets – 0.5kg – just use the Offer Code: SE628375 and some syn free chicken could be winging (get it?!?!) its way to you!

Photo 02-05-2017, 17 34 01

All this meat for less than £50

Photo 02-05-2017, 19 05 54

Please note: all opinions are my own and are an honest response to any products reviewed or mentioned. This product was purchased to be consumed by myself, Mr MumTum and the little dude!


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