Soooo busy!


It’s been AAAAAGES since I’ve posted – have had a really busy couple of weeks so apologies for the lack of blogging – sometimes life is just so exhausting but it’s half term now and tonight is the first time I’ve had chance to go aaaaaah…and breathe!

So what’s been taking up so much time?

REPORTS: It’s report-writing season! My pupils’ parents deserve a personalised account of their child’s journey through their most recent academic year and though very time-consuming, there’s always a huge sense of achievement when they’re complete.

NEW JOB: Yay!! Current part-time position was only ever a temporary maternity cover due to end, well last week! However, I’m staying on until July but secured a new 2=day a week position for the new academic year – it’s an amazing job too – will share more nearer the time but am very excited about something a tad different (though still teaching)! Needless to say, getting ready for the interview took a bit of preparation time but it paid off!

MINI-BREAK AWAY: We managed a long bank holiday weekend away on the East coast – Lincolnshire, which is somewhere we’ve not even contemplated visiting before but I have to say, it was a lovely area. Amazing weather helped us to have a fantastic 3 nights away at the Thorpe Park Haven site – will post pics some time soon – but for now here are my boys having fun on the beach, oh and Noah absolutely loved the adventure of staying in a ‘cavavan’!

ERRR…DID I MENTION I HAVE A THREE-NAGER?! Of course, spending some quality with the little dude, especially this week when I’m off work is taking precedence over other things. Today alone, we made:

  • Banana Ice Lollies (they looked far less than presentable – let’s just say I’ll be doing no lovely, show-off pics of those on a recipe blog any time soon but Noah licking the chocolate and sprinkles off his fingers kept him amused for a good 3 minutes!)
  • Eggy Dill Heads (OK, they were supposed to be cress but I couldn’t find the damn cress seeds – Noah didn’t care – he just enjoyed sprinkling the miniscule things all over the kitchen!)


  • a holiday-inspired ‘Under the Sea’ arty farty creation (is it just me who desperately wants to allow their child to roam free and easy with the paints and glue, devising their own artistic path but I just can’t stop myself from ‘modelling’ to him the best way to position his murky brown starfish and broken strands of seaweed)

Photo 30-05-2017, 12 14 33

  • enough Mega Blocks constructions to warrant us both gaining a degree in architecture (I think today we finally made a breakthrough on the meltdowns every time a 27 block high tower collapses around him – he only screamed in frustration the 7th time!)
  • reading our calm down time – a good 20 minutes was spent on the sofa finding out about the exploits of pirates, Chip going to the dentist (and the doctors and school), the toys when the little one says ‘roll over’ and the animals in good old Rod Campbell’s ‘Dear Zoo’ (for only the millionth time – it’s one of our favourites!)
  • watering plants, running to the potty, washing our hands and sitting in the sink our filler activities – good times!

I’m worn out writing that list – returning to work next week will offer a rest! But I wouldn’t swap time with my littlest man for anything! Roll on tomorrow!


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