Fun in the Sun – you can tell it’s summer term…

Another busy summer term – this is of course the crazy term too – where every pupil (and teacher if I’m honest) has just about had enough of each other and of fractions, report-writing and green pens! Then throw in a little bit of sunshine (read scorching hot humidity) and we’re all cuckoo!

School aside, my little dude has kept me on my toes – especially in this hot weather! Restless bedtimes, days filled with paddling pools and wrestling with him to rub copious amounts of sun cream into his slender little body – so much of the white stuff you couldn’t quite tell where his milky, little face ended and his strawberry blonde hairline began, and we’ve had a few ‘cream in the eyes’ tears too – has anyone found a cream that doesn’t make your eyes feel like they’ve been gouged with hot pokers???

If anyone lives in the Midlands area, I can’t recommend Telford Town Park enough – we’re regulars but it really is fab for all ages and the little toddler zones are especially good for pre-schoolers. There are lots of shady bits to hide from the big orange ball of fire in the sky while the huge number of family-friendly eateries, the lakes where you can feed the ducks (and run away from the hissing geese!) and the nearby shopping centre make it an all-rounder for us!

Here’s the little dude having a hug amount of fun in the sun:


What’s everyone else been up to in the sunshine???


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