Tantrums, Tears and Mayhem

So…the threenage months are proving somewhat trickier than the terrible twos.

In a nutshell, we are living in a battleground – it’s like trench warfare out here: the gunfire starts around 6am and the ceasefire commences around 7pm – what happens in between can only be described as a whirlwind of untidy mayhem, fierce tantrums, tumultuous tears and cries of joy, anger, laughter, frustration and pleasure mixed with NO, STOP, COME HERE, LISTEN & AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH! I wish I could say this was all emitted from the 3 year old, but I hate to admit there are murmurings of unrest from the thirty somethings too…yes I know we should know better…!


Here’s what I’ve learnt so far about life with a 3 year old:

  • that’s one mixed up little individual – a myriad of emotions all seem to be clattering around at once with a rather limited understanding of what they mean or how to express them (other than zooming around the living room at 89mph refusing to ***READ ANYTHING MUMMY ASKS HIM TO DO***)
  • he requires more tlc than ever – the one with the most patience (I thought I had lots – computer says NO!) holds the greatest power in this battle – at this point it turns out it’s Mr Tum…who’d have thought it?!
  • he just wants to play, albeit with a bra tied around his waist flying out behind him as his ‘superman tail’, but playing is still his number one priority despite it seeming to be winding mummy up. He also likes ‘helping’ in the kitchen A LOT and filling and emptying a variety of vessels with any liquid he can get his hands on – bath time is surprisingly calm – is it wrong to be bathing him 3 times a day?!?!
  • Forget any of the following strategies: REASONING, CO-OPERATION, POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, we even tried the pretty controversial TIME OUT (a gentle version with the ‘thinking spot’ – yeah right think about the next act of monkey business!) – not a lot works and what worked 20 minutes ago may not be well received now – it’s a minefield and we’re still working through it. To be honest, bribery is our current ‘if all else fails’ go to – I can see this ending in more tears!
  • it’s still worth it – it might not feel like it at 6pm when the witching hour commences but he’s still worth every gasp, tear and sigh.

So excuse me now – I must retire to rebuild my energy…battle set to recommence in circa 8 hours!


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