About Me

Hello! I’m Sarah – I live in Staffordshire, England with the hubby and our little man, Noah, who was born in 2014 (where have those years gone?!)

Somehow, I’ve ended up here in my mid-30s, a part-time teacher (since Noah was born there is no way I could ever or would ever wish to teach full time again), mummy to one (for now – who knows what awaits us in the next few years), wannabe crafter (mostly toddler crafts for now though I occasionally dabble with a few other ideas) and Slimming World member trying to be fitter and healthier for the future!

Here I just thought I’d share my life – the ups and downs of being a working mum trying to enjoy every moment with my amazing fam-a-lam, spreading myself thinly (sometimes a little too much) to have adventures, make memories and count syns!


  • I met my husband in a vodka bar on a Monday night in April 2003
  • Wasps are pure evil, sent to this earth to inflict pain on the unassuming
  • I lived in France for a year and can speak French fluently
  • Celery used to make me physically sick yet strangely in recent years, I can stand to be in the same room as a stick of the strange stuff
  • Giving blood is an amazing act of selflessness that takes just minutes from your day
  • Life as a parent is hard….the best job in the world but the hardest you could take on
  • Epilepsy is always at the forefront of our minds since Noah was diagnosed in 2016

Anyway, enough about me!

I hope you enjoy being part of this journey.

Please feel free to say hello, share your ideas, ask me a question, give me advice, send me a link or just stop by and browse. I’m going to endeavour to keep you up to date too with pics and updates on Facebook, short bursts of inspiration on Twitter and fun photos on Instagram while you can also find me on YouTube and my fantasy island, Pinterest!


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