Kids get one shot…make it count!

Teaching – it’s been my career for over 11 years (not a lifetime, well unless you’re 11, but a third of my life) – I’ve seen unbelievable changes to the UK education system in that time, many I am sad to say have not been for the better. And since becoming a mum, my priorities have changed somewhat (immeasurably!) so now teaching is still my mainstay as far as income goes but 2 days a week is enough for me and for the children I teach.

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I truly believe, and always have done, that kids get one shot at their education – they deserve the best every single day of every single term of every single academic year of their school life – they deserve a teacher, or teachers, who can give them that and for me now, that’s only 2 days per week. I’m never going to preach on here how hard life as a teacher is – there will always be people who understand what teaching (or living with a teacher – hi hubby!) is like and there will be those who do not. But teaching for me now is two-fold – the amazing primary aged children I have the privilege of inflicting knowledge upon 2 days per week and the 3 year old lay asleep next to me who is learning from me (and everyone/ everything else around him) every moment of his life.

Here, I’ll endeavour to offer any snippets of advice (you might want to take them with a pinch of salt mind!).

I’ll try to link to some great (I think) resources.

There may even be the odd moments of inspiration that might inspire the next batch of teaching graduates (poor beggars!)


B is for Bassoon

For now, I’ll finish with a little anecdote – I have rather a lot though, to be fair, this is courtesy of a colleague to whom this happened and I distinctly remember us all having a bloomin’ good chuckle about it!). Hopefully, it may brighten your Sunday as you switch on your laptop for some Sunday slogging (whether you’re a teacher or a mum!)

After teaching a child for what felt like months her initial sounds, she’d finally started to grasp them. During a music workshop one day, the same child was introduced to a range of instruments and when asked what sound the bassoon made, she (quite rightly and with great pride) replied “b” – well she was right! B is the initial sound for Bassoon.

God, I love the innocence of kids – may they rule the world!

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